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Now that the Rochester City Pet License has been abandoned, your pet's security has been severely weakened.

Pet*iD Family Pet Network is offering it's registry to all the pet owners in Rochester and surrounding area who have a City Pet License, a FREE registration, as well as access to all of Pet*iD's exclusive features. You will find that Pet*iD is not just about identification; it is a network connecting all the entities related to your pet:
Veterinarians, Shelters, Emergency Personnel and you, the Pet Parent.

No matter where you go in the free world, The Pet*iD Network is always with you, and is a voice for your pet.

When you register your licenses with Pet*iD, you will need the following information related to your pet's City License:

Owner, Pet and Vet Clinic information and Vaccination Dates.

Your registration will be in sync with your pet's Rabies vaccination, just like the City license was. Annual fee of $15.00 will be due on the vaccination date.

Nothing is changed except you are getting a great deal more value.

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To be safe, your pet needs this critical information!


• Owner Information

• Pet Information

• Family Veterinarian Information

• Vaccination Verification

• Owner Message

• Pet Information

• 3 Identification Photos

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FREE Pet Amber Alert Tools
  You can make an 8 X 11 MISSING Pet Poster with your printer in 5 minutes