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Electronic Chip

The chip is the most popular high tech device for tracking lost animals; good for livestock, unfortunately not so good for lost pets.


  • A good back up to visible identification.


  • It requires special equipment to read the chip.
  • The chip is surgically implanted and difficult and costly to update.
  • It is expensive, costing between $60 to $120 in most cases, plus a $20.00 registration fee and a $20.00 updating fee, if your contact information changes.
  • Several companies are producing a chip, but do not communicate with each other, making it very difficult for the pet finder to find someone with the correct reader.
  • Requires a tag to inform the pet finder that the animal has a chip. Typically made of rubber that won't last long!!
  • Reporting the lost animal requires a third party, further removing the pet from it's owner.
  • The chip can easily get lost inside the animals body!

Mini Scope


  • No obvious advantage.


  • Requires special printing and assembly.
  • Is easily lost or damaged.
  • Most people don't know what it is when they see it.
  • Expensive and ineffective.
  • You must go face to face with the animal to read it

Common Pet Tag


  • Provides the pet finder with basic information to return the animal, providing the information is up to date.


  • Many tags are typically low quality, and are made of soft materials, like plastic, aluminum and brass. Thus the imprint wears off easily, and they quickly fall off and get lost.
  • To update these tags, they need to be replaced. A tag with out-dated information is like having no tag at all.
  • Due to the tag's physical size, the amount of information it can carry is limited.

Pet*iD Short-Cut Home

The most complete and versatile system available!

  • Easy for everyone to use.
  • Easy one step communication with the pet owner and the pet finder.
  • Easy to update through the interactive website, where you can update your pet's homebound and medical information 24/7 for free from any web browser, and your information is password protected.
  • Contact information can be updated while traveling.
  • Extra tags can be used for multiple family pets.
  • Pets can be protected for a lifetime.
  • Our tags are made of stainless steel, the most durable material available.
  • The Pet*iD tag carries the web address, a unique ID number and an 800 number for those without internet access.

Other Unique Features:

  1. Pet owner contact information.
  2. Veterinarian contact information.
  3. Vaccination records with E-mail reminders.
  4. Multiple pets and individual records for each pet with separate tag numbers.
  5. Optional photo ID for each pet.
  6. An implanted chip number registry and search feature.
  7. Instant tag number and password recall, via owner name and code word. (You don't need to remember your pet’s tag number for updating.)
  8. Owner controls pet information, which can be updated 24/7.
  9. Global Internet access.
  10. Easy to remember web address
  11. A special message area for the person who finds the lost pet.
  12. A separate message area for information unique to each pet.
  13. Many online features such as a descriptive, interactive walk-through tutorial and credit card handling.
  14. An 800 number backup on the Pet*iD tag.