Pet*iD Certified Veterinarian Clinics

Why should a Vet Clinic, Animal Shelter or Pet Owner get involved with Pet*iD's Verifiable Pet Vaccinations?

For starters, it could save a pet's life. When there's a bite incident getting verifiable Rabies vaccination is #1. Time is everything!

There are plenty of statistics on lost pets, animal bites and the people that are involved. If a pet is lost, the pet owner can find them self going from Shelter to Shelter looking for their lost friend. If a pet has allegedly bitten someone, the ability to obtain verifiable vaccination records fast could go a long ways toward neutralizing a potentially volatile situation. Without verifiable vaccination records, the pet could be destroyed in order to test for Rabies.

Pet*iD's visible Identification tag will lead Animal Control Officers, Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, First Responders and any person that finds a lost pet to the information they need and fast!

Pet*iD Short Cut Home will provide easy access to the pet's identification, pet's homeward information, and verifiable vaccination records.

How it Works
Municipalities and Public Health Services all require Rabies vaccination for Dogs, Cats and Ferrets. In most cases, local ordinances require a pet license. The license requires verifiable proof of vaccination, and all vaccinators are required by law to provide the animal owner with a verifiable Rabies vaccination record.

Pet*iD links Municipalities, Veterinarians, Shelters, pet owners and people that find lost pets with the information they need to protect pets, their owners and the general public. Pet*iD does this by providing verifiable vaccinations through Pet*iD's Proof of Vaccination Service. Pet owners register their pets, Veterinarians register their Clinics and then Pet*iD networks them all together.
How does the pet owner verify their pet's vaccination?

1. When a pet owner has their pet vaccinated at a Pet*iD registered Veterinary Clinic or Shelter, the Clinic or Shelter staff member can log onto the web site and quickly verify your pet's vaccinations.

2. The pet owner can also mail or fax a signed verifiable proof of vaccination to Pet*iD. All vaccinators must be Pet*iD Certified.

How do Veterinarian Clinics and Animal Shelters
Register with Pet*iD?

Veterinarian Clinics and Animal Shelters can go to and fill out the registration form. After verification, the Vet Clinic or Shelter will be issued an “Access code”.

With their access code and password, they will have access to an admin area, where they will have all the tools needed to Create a pet record, Update a vaccination or Check their account status.

Veterinarian Clinics:
Will receive a free Promotional Page on the Pet*iD web site with a Specialty Service's search entry and a listing in the Pet*iD Veterinary Directory.

City Pounds and Shelters:
Would receive a free Animal Photo Gallery and a listing in the Pet*iD Shelter Directory.

There is a $5.00 commission on a new Pet*iD Pet Registration.
There is a $2.00 commission with a renewal and vaccination update. Further information can be found at

The new Pet*iD Proof of Vaccination Service can be used by all Pet*iD Short Cut Home users. Ask your Vet to become Pet*iD Certified. It's free, and they will receive all the benefits and commissions offered. Then you can receive the protection that Verified Proof of Vaccination would give in an emergency.

Our automated Email system will send you an Email reminder for vaccinations and scheduled exams.