Interactive Demo

Enter the Pet*iD or Chip number in the form below to find pet information.

Tag or Chip Number:

For this demonstration, you have a dog named Buddy.

You are going on vacation, and you need to leave Buddy with a friend.

After a couple of days, Buddy decided to go home on his own.

In just a few minutes, Buddy is totally lost.

Your friend called you and said Buddy jumped the fence.

Fortunately, Buddy has a Pet*iD tag on his collar.

But, you don't remember Buddy's tag number!

No problem! You went to the hotel computer and logged on to, (an easy web site address to remember!!) and clicked on the Forgot My Pet's Tag Number Button.

You entered your name and code word (example: mother's maiden name) and your Tag Number and Password appears.

You checked Buddy's homeward information and updated it.

Now the person that finds Buddy knows just what to do.

Enter Buddy's tag number 7830399, and click search to go to the next step.