Pet*iD  is a Pet Recovery System for lost pets that goes beyond chip implants because it's visible, long-lasting, safer and less expensive. It also allows the person that finds your lost pet to communicate directly and quickly with you, eliminating the need for scanning implants. Plus, you can manage and update your contact information and your pet's identification wolrdwide 24/7. 
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2/1/2008 3:57:04 PM
By Jeff Kiger Post-Bulletin, Rochester MN

Dog World Magazine, March 2006

"Every year thousands of Dogs and Cats become separated from their owners. There are many products on the market to help you find your lost dog, cat or other pet, but nothing quite like the Pet iD Short Cut Home. The Pet iD, Short Cut Home system has been helping to reunite lost pets and their owners for over 10 years. Simply purchase your Pet iD Short Cut Home system from your local pet store, or www.petid.com, register the ID in a few short clicks and your pet is in the system. Your pet will wear a tag with their Pet iD Short Cut Home unique ID number on it. Once found, the person who finds your pet simply logs on to www.petid.com enters your pet's number and then has access to your phone number, address, and important information like medical concerns, diet and temperament. No system on the market allows for such comprehensive information to be delivered so quickly. How fast? A documented police report on www.petid.com shows a recovery time in under 10 minutes. See for yourself at www.petid.com."

Prevention Magazine, February 2006

"Pet iD Short Cut Home weaves a web of safety, with a tag, which includes a web address, 800 number, and your animal's personal ID number, so the person that finds Fido or Fluffy can access the necessary info. You can update vital facts- like a new phone number when you move- any time from any where at www.petid.com."

Dog & Kennel Magazine, March 2006

"The best chance of a lost dog finding his way back home is through a collar identification tag. However, tags with outdated information are almost useless, and if your dog is lost while on vacation, whoever finds him likely won't be able to reach you at the home address and the number printed on the tag. Enter Pet iD Short Cut Home, a pet identification system that allows owners to register their immediate contact information online. Anyone who finds a dog with a Pet*iD metal tag can log onto the site or call a toll-free number to quickly find the owner. The system, which allows dog owners to manage their contact information directly without third party intervention, may prove particularly valuable in the event of national disasters or emergencies."