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Pet*iD ShortCut Home

Our goal is to be the worldwide industry standard for Lost
Pet Recovery and Identification, while saving the pet owner
from a broken heart and their pet from an ill fate.

Pet*iD Short Cut Home is trademarked, retail packaged,
UPC coded and ready for delivery.

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Pet*iD Short Cut Home is the leader in Lost Pet Recovery. Pet*iD was founded in 1996 and is the system that allows the pet owner and the person that finds their lost friend to communicate directly, eliminating the need for third party intervention.

The pet owner can manage their pet's homeward information in real time from anywhere in the Internet world via the web site.

This means that when a pet and it's owner get separated, for example during a disaster, and are relocated into separate locations, the pet owner would be able to update their pet's homeward information tag from any Internet connection.

All they need is their name, codeword and the website.

Pet*iD was designed specifically for recovering lost pets and is not a spin off of another industry. Pet*iD has over 17 unique features that help the pet owner protect their pets.

If you have any interest in Pet*iD Short Cut Home, I have a great deal of information that I would be happy to share with you, and help you in any way. If you would like to talk to me personally over the phone, I would be glad to talk with you and take you on an interactive web tour of the Pet*iD System. I am sure you will be impressed!

Unique Features of Pet*iD Short Cut Home

  1. Free Pet Amber Alert Kit (Lost Pet PDF Poster maker)

  2. Pet owner contact information
  3. Veterinarian contact information.

  4. Verifiable Proof of Rabies Vaccination record
  5. Multiple pets and individual records for each pet with separate tag numbers.

  6. Optional photo ID for each pet.

  7. FREE RFID chip number registry and search feature.

  8. Instant tag number and password recall, via owner name and code word. (You don't need to remember your pet’s tag number for updating.)

  9. Owner up dated information, which can be updated 24/7.

  10. Global Internet access.

  11. Easy to remember web address

  12. A special message to the person who may find your lost pet.

  13. A separate message area for information unique to each pet.

  14. Your Pet's ID TAG is linked to Pet*iD Short Cut Home

  15. An 800 number backup on the Pet*iD tag
  16. Pet Industry or Business location Locator

  17. Municipal License Ready


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